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ONLINE: Starch Convention & Bioethanol and Bioconversion Technology Meeting

We are glad to announce the first online conference in the history of our association.

From the original program of the Starch and Bioethanol/Bioconversion-Convention 9 presenters have chosen the opportunity to hold their lecture online. Many thanks for their support and for the courage to be with us in this first attempt of an online conference!

The conference will be online on Tuesday, 21st of April, from 3 to 7:30 pm CET. Please see the time schedule below for the specific lectures.

The conference room will be accessible under

If you want to test the technique before the conference date, please call us under +49 5231 61664-0 or write us an Email to

The software we use allows up to 250 participants at the same time. The attendance at this online conference will be free of charge. There is no registration necessary.

April, 21st of April, please visit


15.00       Mario Martinez, Aarhus (Denmark)
Shear-induced molecular fragmentation decreases the bioaccessibility of fully gelatinized starch and its gelling capacity

15.30       Y. Yassaroh, Groningen (Netherlands)
The physicochemical properties and the digestibility of heat-moisture treated, linoleic acid complexes starch

16.00       Barry McCleary, Bray (Ireland)
Measurement of total carbohydrates in food samples, including dietary fibre and available carbohydrates

16.30       Maurice Essers, Wageningen (The Netherlands)
Hydrothermal treatment of rice

17.00       Lidia B. Kuzina, Moscow (Russia)
Another method of measurement starch resistance degree

17.30       Markus Götz, Hohenheim
Building up modular, regional biorefineries – Starch-rich residues to Hydroxymethylfurfural and coatings

18.00       Sajid Alavi, Kansas (USA)
Starch Extrusion Processing

18.30       Stefanie Graber, Völs (Austria)
Use it don’t waste it – how the Therese Mölk bakery supports recycling instead of wasting bread

19.00       Nelli Elizarov, Berlin (Germany)
Towards Zero Emissions in Transport: Role of crop-based biofuels


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate and ask. Call us under +49 5231 61664-0 or write us an Email to